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_perfídia festival 2017

  _são josé do rio preto_sp

PERFÍDIA - Perfomance and New Media Festival is a multimedia exhibition that focuses on the intersection between performativity of the body (theater, dance, performance, immersion, interactivity) and new media (image technologies, electronic and digital devices, sensors, internet and softwares), betting on hybridity and interdisciplinarity as the engine of aesthetic innovations.

The first edition of the festival will take place between August 10 and 13, 2017, in São José do Rio Preto-SP, Brazil, bringing together researchers, artists and groups from local, state and national area.

Among the actions contemplated are: theater and dance shows, performances, videoperformances, (audio/video)installations, video projections, mapping, urban interventions, musical presentations, VJings, DJings and interactive digital art.

PERFÍDIA is an accomplishment of Plataforma Perfídia, a collective of artists that since 2008 has been conducting an aesthetic and conceptual research in performance, theater, video art, cinema, technology and visual arts.

The activities of the exhibition involve diverse experiences of exchange, collaboration, encounter and co-creation, stimulating the exchange, the affectivity, the creation of the network development and the sharing of insights and experiences.

The 2017 edition of the Perfidia Festival is sponsored by CAIXA through the "Programa Caixa de Apoio a Festivais" and has the support of the Municipal Secretary of Culture of São José do Rio Preto.



Organized by: Plataforma Perfídia

Artistic Director: Luciana Ramin

Production Director: Otávio Oscar

Curatorship: Luciana Ramin & Otávio Oscar

Videoartist: Gabriel Díaz-Regañón

Graphic Design: Quesia Luiza 

Press Relations: Harlen Félix

Photographer: Jorge Etecheber

Production assistants: Drika Pereira ,Júnior Lima e Anderson Ayusso

Video technician: Rodrigo Rezende

Light  technician: Otávio Tatá Rodrigues

Sound technician: Fuad Jammal

Sponsorship: CAIXA

Partnership: Secretaria Municipal de Cultura de São José do Rio Preto, Centro Cultural Vasco, Barteliê and Casa de Criar

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