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_perfídia _performance and new media_ is a platform of art, cultural production, technology and education.


around these themes we carry out _festivals _classes _events _meetings _shows _parties _performances

_videos _experiences _artistic residencies _cultural squats _among other possibilities.

Some of our objectives are_ 

_to carry out collective experiences through art

_inventive and affective use of digital technologies

_promote contemporary art

_encourage links between art and the city

_promote coexistence and embrace the diversity.

_perfídia festival _multimedia festival involving body, art and technologies

_perfídiaLAB  _creative labs and courses on art, technology, cultural production and “maker” culture
_perfídiaCOLAB _collaborative experiments and collective residences.

_who we are

Lu Ramin.jpeg

_Luciana Ramin

Artistic Director and Curatorship

Multimedia artist, performer, director, producer and educator. Master degree in Performing Arts at UFOP - Federal University of Ouro Preto. Gratuated on Social Science from UNESP -São Paulo State University - and Theater Direction from SPET - SP School of Theatre. Founder and member of the Agrupamento Andar7.


_Otávio Oscar

Production Director and Curatorship

Theater Director and Cultural Producer. Has a degree in Theatre Direction from ECA/USP - School of Arts and Communication of São Paulo University. Director at scenic arts platform Agrupamento Cynétiko. Founder and member of Frêmito Teatro. Since 2013 acts as a cultural producer, passing through the areas of theater, circus, dance, music and performance. Associate Producer of the Agrupamento Andar7.

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